As much as some people would like to believe, America’s economy is never going to be manufacturing based again. Not only outsourcing, but automation has killed most low skilled factory jobs. In fact, some companies such as Adidas have moved factories from Southeast Asia back to the United States and Germany because robots have eliminated much of the need for a low-cost labor force.

To solve this problem politicians and government officials need to focus on retraining workers to able to survive and thrive in an ever-changing economy. To do this, free community college and trade schools would be a good start since most jobs that pay a decent salary require a skill level above a high school diploma, but not necessarily a bachelor’s degree. Unskilled labor jobs might be evaporating, but skilled laborers such as electricians, plumbers, and welders will always be in demand. Government-sponsored job training programs in high demand fields like programing and web design could also boast regional economies in economically depressed areas such as the rust belt. The focus should be how to make ways for workers to increase salaries and career prospects by improving skills.



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