Dear Stephen Nash (Aug. 7 commentary, "Time to speak: Gun owner, not gun freak"):

Watch what you say about Chris Head, David Suetterlein, Joe McNamara and Steve Newman, y'hear? They happen to be personal friends of mine (well, not Steve Newman so much), and I take strong offense at your statement that they're not interested in firearm safety. They most certainly are, but not in the way that our idiot governor wants, as indicated in his recent stupid special legislature session. That session was doomed to failure as soon as it was announced in this rag because it was just another attempt to get the ball rolling toward complete gun control, i.e. confiscation, which ain't gonna happen.

Please don't try to convince us gun owners that a majority of us favor universal background checks, because that's just another step toward the confiscation I mentioned above. Your generalities concerning the polls on this subject sound very hollow, too. So instead of pushing your garbage on Virginians, please visit a college in some other state and try to push it on the gun owners there...although they'll probably reject it, too.



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