North Carolina based electricity mega-company Duke Energy continues to resist orders to clean up sites where coal ash that they dumped is contaminating groundwater. Duke is also trying to push a bill through the North Carolina legislature that will streamline their process for raising rates.

In the meantime, under the Trump tax revisions, Duke not only paid zero in corporate taxes in 2018, they actually received a whopping tax rebate of almost $700 million! In other words, some of the income tax that regular Americans pay is being funneled to a private-sector giant with healthy profits, that paid no taxes, refuses to take responsibility for ruining people’s drinking water and wants to gouge its customers.

And Duke is not the only corporate behemoth that is benefiting from this government handout while paying no taxes. The list includes Amazon, whose CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, is the richest individual in the world, Delta Airlines, General Motors and many others. Is this free enterprise? It looks more like corporate welfare to me.



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