I have worked with or known all three of the Bedford County sheriff's candidates at some point. I started as a Deputy Sheriff in 1984, and returned in 1997 under Sheriff Mike Brown and served 1999-2012 as a sworn Volunteer Reserve Deputy.

I commend Sheriff Brown for his hard work and contributions to Bedford County, but I'm confident that if the residents of Bedford County give Capt. Tim Hayden the opportunity that he deserves he will continue to improve or maintain the standards which Sheriff Brown has implemented to make Bedford County a safe environment.

I recommended Capt. Hayden 34 years ago to be hired as the second black Deputy Sheriff, who later became the first black Investigator. Currently Capt. Hayden displays the perseverance, and resilience for the position, has a strong work ethic, family values, and an outstanding relationship with the youth in the county. I know that Capt. Hayden will not let politics or party affiliation prevent him from reaching out to either party for the best interests of Bedford County. I assure you Capt. Hayden will focus on the needs of residents in all areas of the county EQUALLY, with an open-mind and listening ear. And that his staff will work diligently and vigilantly with local, state, and federal agencies against drug trafficking, drugs in the schools, and crime in the county.

I am impressed with his ideas to maintain a fiscal budget that coincides with the needs of the department and employees, eliminates wasteful and unnecessary expense, his determination to place more deputies in the schools and patrol. I truly believe Capt. Hayden and his staff will make every effort to recruit and hire qualified applicants which reflect the county for which it serves, and will hold each employee accountable for their actions and their duties.

So, I'm asking the residents of Bedford County to think clearly about your decision, AND definitely vote in this election. Don't let political affiliation or the bureaucracy that continues to divide us cause a hasty decision.

So let's unite, "Lets Try Hayden" and give Bedford County Office the best candidate for sheriff.



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