There's a lot of so-called left wing politicians that want socialism, well they're wrong as usual, that's why I call them right and wrong, and they are wrong. Most of your readers remember the USSR, which stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. At that time they were all a communist country. And these American so-called politicians want to control what you do, eat and live by their communistic extremes.

IS THAT WHAT YOU, THE WRONG SIDE OF THE POLITICAL LINE want? That's what you're going to get if you vote for some of the mentally disturbed politicians of the left wing, (wrong) side of the political circle. And that's what's totally wrong with America, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

There are a few politicians that will lie to you every time they open their mouth like Obama did and quite a few residents in America believed every word he said. Warren has lied from the get go, Sanders wants to let killers come across the border to kill and maim Americans, they come in as needing sanctuary. Just a lot of damn lies!



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