As a former U.S. Army officer, I call out Capt. Terron Sims (May 29 commentary, "We shouldn't honor the worst of traitors") and accuse his article of gross ignorance and distortion of what little truth it exhibits. He cannot answer the simple basic question as to why no Confederate officer was tried and convicted of treason? As with Russian collusion, it is because no treason was committed by Lee or any other Southern officer!

Sims should know that by his oath and that of all officers, we answer to a higher calling and are duty bound not to obey illegal orders. Lincoln’s orders to invade the Southern states were illegal on many counts. Lee understood this and resigned rather than be a party to tyranny. Lincoln’s closing of the numerous opposition newspapers, imprisonment without trial and banishment of dissenters are all signs of a tyrant.

Completely devoid of social, political and economic contextual understanding, the article simply parrots today's racist agenda. It ignores 154 years of historical judgments that validate Lee not only as a great general but also a leading influence in reconciliation.

Sims’ research inadequacies and bigotry are on display as the article ignores the long-standing basic conflict over a strong federal government verses the power of states. Adams and Jefferson began this fight before the Declaration of Independence. This is the fundamental reason the states and soldiers were willing to fight. Slavery, which was doomed anyway, provided a convenient issue that finally caused a boil over.

So many short-sighted pseudo historians and rabble mob members fail this test and miss the obvious.

Only the hate blinded Charlottesville city council and racists who believe those soldiers fought over their freedom, continue with this self-centered myth. This statue removal nonsense is nothing more than another media aided diversionary stunt. In reality it is an excuse for a group’s cultural failure which now leads to economic stagnation. It is a cover up by the civil rights industry.

Competent respected historians such as Dr. Bud Robertson continue to speak out for reason and the honoring of Lee and others but are ignored by the ignorant lynch mobs. Lee will live on past the hate.



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