Today, while I was walking along the greenway, I saw one of the City of Roanoke’s trash pick-up trucks.

On the side of the truck, it said “Roanoke is the Star of Recycling." I totally agree with that slogan.

I live on the edge of the Roanoke City and Roanoke County line. When I go into the county, I try to bring back all the recyclables to put in our recycling can. I know many people who do the same. My point in writing this letter is to let people know and acknowledge that Roanoke City IS the “Star of Recycling.”

I want to encourage officials in the City to continue this service. We should all be environmentally aware that jurisdictions as well as the people are responsible for making good decisions when they purchase items and when and where they dispose of the containers. For the past 10 years, we have been composting everything from coffee grounds to leaves. It is the only fertilizer that we use on our outdoor plants and trees. And they grow and thrive.

Hoping you will encourage the officials in your jurisdictions to start or continue to provide this important service.



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