I am deeply troubled by the General Assembly's snub of Judge Marc Long. In refusing to reappoint him we are losing an excellent jurist. Politics was involved (e.g. Chris "DUI" Hurst) as well as a small group of malcontent lawyers (including one prominent RINO). The sample for the evaluations is too small for statistical purposes. Judge Long is responsible for creating successful Drug Courts in Floyd and Pulaski. Many lives have been saved. It is pure jealousy on the part of some toward him.

Judge Long possesses a keen command of the law. He saw respect for defendants and their families. He made law enforcement toe the line. He saw through the anti-Asian prejudice of the Montgomery County Commonwealth's Attorney in a recent firearms case.

Those lawyers who see themselves as kingmakers will be sadly disappointed. Judge Long will be missed by all law abiding people. We need a better way to pick judges than to leave it up to lawyers.



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