There is so much at stake in this election to determine who is the best candidate to serve us. What distinguishes Senator David Suetterlein and Delegate Jeff Campbell, who are running for re-election is what they have accomplished.

Senator David Suetterlein and Delegate Jeff Campbell are fiscal conservatives that understand criminal justice reform is the smart thing for Virginia and its taxpayers. Senator Suetterlein successfully carried the landmark felony theft threshold bill and Delegate Campbell helped get it through the House. The felony larceny statute of $200 was increased to $500. Offenders still will face serious consequences but will not being labeled a felon nor long terms in jail/prison– saving taxpayers significant expense of incarceration.

Other successes this year: Senator Suetterlein and Delegate Campbell worked to stop suspending driver’s licenses because of unpaid fines or fees. They both understand that taking someone’s ability to get to work will prevent them from earning the money to pay those fees. They both helped Virginia taxpayers receive the recent rebate checks by passing one of the biggest tax reforms in Virginia history. This included a 50% standard deduction increase on state tax forms. They also voted on a bi-partisan bill freezing college tuitions.

Both of these state legislators are pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious freedom, pro-Second Amendment and against forcing someone to pay union dues to keep a job.

On November 5, vote for conservatives that understand Virginians want fiscally responsible representation in Richmond. Please vote for Senator David Suetterlein and Delegate Jeff Campbell.



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