To all supporting the pipelines across Virginia: Please identify all of the specific and verifiable new uses within Virginia for this new huge supply of natural gas. It's not enough for the gas to replace an existing source. To legitimately claim Virginia needs the gas, we need concrete examples of new uses. It's not enough to describe possible future uses of the natural gas. What is genuinely being built or expanded to use the gas? Is anything happening in Franklin or Roanoke or Buckingham or anywhere else in Virginia beyond preparations to make gas available IF a new user appears?

Supporters also talk of new jobs related to the pipelines. How many Virginia residents, not people whose residence changes with every project, have/had jobs? How many people would have worked through and after the Christmas/New Year's holidays if all permits were in order? How many of the Virginia pipeline workers who wanted to keep working didn't have a job somewhere in January? Building continued all over the country and these jobs are typically transitory and affected by weather.

In short, give us facts and proof to back up the benefits you claim. To date, this information has not been provided in any venue.



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