Franklin County’s future is highly dependent upon the ability of its Board of Supervisors to provide competent responsible leadership and make wise decisions going forward.

I am supporting Lorie Smith to be our Supervisor because she has the experience, background, temperament, desire and commitment to serve the people of Gills Creek and Franklin County.

Her experience serving on both the Waynesboro School Board and City Council provided Lorie with direct hands-on experience in serving her constituents.

Her service on multiple civic organizations in the Gills Creek District has resulted in personal knowledge of local issues, challenges, constituent concerns and community aspirations.

Lorie has a business approach to governance that emphasizes and utilizes fact-finding, priority-setting, teamwork and responsible stewardship.

Lorie understands the BOS challenges going forward including the new Summit Park, responsible support for our school system, ongoing improvements in County governance and Stewardship of our taxpayer dollars.

Lorie will represent all of the Gills Creek residents and be a positive and responsible team member on the County Board of Supervisors.

Vote for Lorie Smith, she will make us all proud of this great community.



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