Reference the article in the June 20 edition, “State lawmakers appointed to I-81 panel”:

We are a nation of “laws” that has become a nation of “lawyers”, as in most politicians, and that may be the real Achilles heel. All government officials know how to do is throw money at a so called problem and then say, “OK...we are done.” Where are the state troopers, truck drivers and regular slobs like me who have traveled the length of I-81 on a regular basis and who have first hand knowledge? Oh, there are public hearings. Big whoop. The elite committee members sit on a dais above the rabble and the loudest of those who show up to speak are given a few minutes while the panel pretends to listen. Then the decisions are made behind closed doors based upon what is best for the committee members. Where did the nice round figure of $2 billion come from? Who gets their hands on the biggest chunk of it? What happens to the taxes collected immediately that we all pay while projects are delayed into the distant future? Does the money go into a lock box? Don't make me laugh.

I have a suggestion. Just pave a third lane with C notes and be done with it. At least we will see where the money went and it will be a lot less disruptive and the waste and corruption will be minimized.



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