First – the only people I heard complaining about how long it would take to call the first-hand witnesses needed in the impeachment trial of POTUS are the Republicans. One example of the hypocrisy overflowing in this whole debacle. They’ve clamored about only second-hand information – yet forbade witnesses with first-hand knowledge.

Even more evidence of the need is Rudy Giuliani calling John Bolton “a back stabber.” I think Bolton’s loyalty to the US and its citizens is much more important than his loyalty to a group of thugs.

Another example of the hypocrisy is that Trump’s concern seems to be centered around the son of Joe Biden using the position of his father to work in a role that he probably was not qualified for and made perhaps obscene amounts of money doing it. I ask you honestly – what about Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump? What are Jared’s qualifications for being ‘Senior Advisor’ to the President of the United States of America at 39? What are his daughter’s qualifications for attending meetings with world leaders as though she is an equal? I will tell you. None!

And you think they are doing all of this pro bono? Then you haven’t understood anything about the very fiber of the Trump and Kushner families.

Which brings up the next example of hypocrisy. Trump apparently had some concern that the gas company in Ukraine that Hunter Biden was on the board of was run by an Oligarch. Look it up. That’s what the Trump family is lusting after right now. There is nothing Trump (and his wealthy friends) want more than to have sole power. To be above the law. To be untouchable to do their dirty deeds to plunder our country of its resources and its citizens of the meager amounts we have.

If Trump is acquitted - it will be evidence of the fact that the beautiful ‘experiment’ of democracy in the United States is failing. It’s happening right before our eyes. Maybe you’ve wondered how oligarchs and dictatorships came to be. Watch closely.



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