It is very easy for a politician to say “I support common sense gun laws” without ever saying what those laws would be. Some will be more specific and talk about background checks or red flag laws.

What they never talk about is how these laws could ever be enforced. The only way the red flag laws could be enforced would be for police to show up at a person's residence, possibly without even a search warrant, demand entry and ransack said residence looking for and confiscating firearms while the unsuspecting red “flagee” remains perfectly calm. The “flagee's” family may even be subjected to this if they are present. Or is the “flagee” simply supposed to voluntarily turn over all of his/her firearms after being accused of risky behavior by person unknown and not even being given a chance to refute the accusation? What could possibly go wrong with this picture?

Background checks already exist at commercial gun dealers so the new ones are supposed to address so called loop holes at gun shows and between individuals. Again, the concept is easy for a politician or anti NRA activist to include in a stump speech. The actual implementation of the new laws would be a totally different matter.

Like other issues such as racism and climate change, beware of any politician using these issues simply prospecting for votes. They aren't looking for solutions, only votes.



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