“The number of people suffering from hunger is greater than the population of the U.S., Canada, and the EU combined (World Food Programme).”

Read that statistic. Then read it again. Children across the world are dying from poverty, hunger and preventable diseases every day. There is not enough talk about the issue of global poverty and I want to change that.

The United States is seen as a world leader yet ranks far below other countries when it comes to providing foreign aid to innocent people, spending less than 1% of its budget each year in aid. Ending global poverty and hunger would solve many of the issues the United States faces, such as creating more jobs at home, benefiting the economy and creating a safer world.

Work is already being done to end global poverty in the government such as Senator Tim Kaine cosponsoring the Global Fragility Act of 2019. Advocacy and legislation such as this is the beginning of the fight to end world hunger. Help end global poverty and world hunger with me at borgenproject.org where you can donate or advocate in order to give a voice to the voiceless.



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