I agree with the title of your July 16 editorial, "No time for silence," but I offer a different opinion. I think the four Representatives deserved what they received, and it should be done more often. If the heat is too much for them they should heed the words of Harry Truman, who said it long before our current President - “get out of the kitchen.”

Contrary to your editorial, the President didn’t call the group out because they are women, or because they are “of color” - he called them out because they are constantly trashing this great country of ours. Time after time they have publicly demeaned the office of the President, they show little respect for our laws and they hide behind calling anyone with a different opinion a racist.

Of the 435 people in the House of Representatives, I don’t understand why the press chooses to elevate and encourage the “oh look at me” child-like behavior of these Representatives. Spoiled children need a lot of attention, and the press seems to accommodate them, not because they have constructive ideas, but because they have the loudest mouths.



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