Violence exists. When guns are the tool and many are affected, we find ourselves wanting to “do something.” But WHAT?

As individuals, there are limits to what we can do besides trying to enhance the safety of ourselves and our family. This may be through holding our own weapons or attempting to create safe spaces. However, living in a representative democracy means that people, groups of individuals, select representatives to act on the behalf of the broader community. Our representatives need to know how we want them to act.

Those who sense that incremental changes will erode their ability to provide their own protection will fear any restrictions on guns. Those who want restrictions on types of, or methods for, possession of weapons, can still not be assured that violence will not touch them. Our legislators should act or not act based on the priorities of the citizens they were elected to represent. However, they will not know what is wanted if we don’t tell them. If we tell them and they don’t listen, we can correct this inattention. We can change our representative to someone who will listen, and who will act on what citizens want. More accurately, on what is wanted by those citizens who accept the responsibility to communicate their wishes to their representatives and to hold those representatives accountable.

Everyone needs to make their position known. Contact your representatives, call them, write them, email them. The names of state and federal representatives can be found on the web address Direct email contact can be made by following the links from this site. Please, let these people know what you want them to do!



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