"GOP likely won’t turn on Trump, experts say” (headline of Oct. 6 Roanoke Times), should have read "GOP’s won’t do their job," ‘GOP’s won’t put the interests of the people before their own."

Trump has admitted that he asked a foreign leader for a favor. It became a problem with the word “though” at the end of Trump’s sentence in his response to the president of Ukraine’s request for aid in the transcript. (As in I hear you, but first...)

The fact that Trump doesn’t think it’s wrong or illegal - surely is not reason enough to think it is neither.

Shouting out loud that his words were perfect (whatever that means) and making a mockery doesn’t either.

This is a man who said in his campaign that he thought he could shoot someone on the street and get away with it. (Perhaps that’s next).

His refusal to cooperate is an obstruction of justice - an impeachable offense (ask Lindsey Graham).

Trump likes cookies - a lot - also those that don’t belong to him. This time he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. That he doesn’t want to face the consequences shouldn’t matter. This is not a party issue - this is a legal issue. An issue of right and wrong if you will. Which brings us back to my opening question. (Why) Won’t the GOP do their job.

Corruption has come so far in the top sectors of our government that they don’t even have to hide it anymore. Putting self interest and special interest above the law is corruption in their capacity.

It is eroding the integrity of our country and our people – those sitting in the top seats of power so blatantly committing illegal, unethical and uncaring acts, and then flaunting them like the bullies they are.

Enough is enough!



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