The editorial page of Tuesday, Jan. 14, had several important matters about which I wish to comment:

First, BRAVO to Tony Hauck. His op-ed was one of the most insightful, thoughtful, creative and well-written pieces I have seen in The Times for years. It deserves a thoughtful read by all serious American citizens.

Then there is the “election” of Donald Trump, which keeps popping up every so often. K.A. Rockett is “pretty sure” that all three of the presidents who were impeached were 'duly elected.' If by 'duly elected' Rockett means that they were fully elected by the citizen voters, that is incorrect. Actually, Clinton is the only one who can claim that distinction.

Andrew Johnson assumed the presidency when Lincoln was assassinated. Then there is Trump. The people seem to have a hard time understanding that Trump LOST the vote of the people by almost three million votes! But because the votes in certain states are “worth more” than others, the Electoral College was bound to APPOINT DT as president.

Finally, I have to commend David Fitzsimmons, the cartoonist who did the political cartoon on the editorial page. So sad, but so true – and the kangaroo could be joined by thousands more special Australian animals.

Altogether a good editorial page. Good job, Dwayne!



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