Re a letter from David B. Phillips of Radford on August 6 ("Promises made but not kept"), I beg to differ.

Regarding President Donald Trump, he is wrong as are most of the Democrats. To go down his list of "broken promises," Mexico is paying via tariffs, the thanks from the middle class is happy with their tax breaks, can't drain the swamp because of Washington's bureaucracy and the Democrats, what past president hasn't been plagued with scandals, he hired a lot of good people and many turned sour and of course many of his predecessors had the same problem, various cabinet positions not filled because of Democrats, golf dates, how about Obama and his wife taking luxurious vacations and golf trips.

Hillary hasn't been prosecuted yet; but let us hope justice will be done and she will be soon. The AHC is still up in the air and may be solved soon. Immigration problem is still up in the air, mostly because of Congress but mostly because of the Democrats.

I don't recall about his divesting of his financial interests, did Kennedy?  He doesn't have to give his tax returns. He has made America great again, not ashamed or apologetic as Obama was. All politicians are liars; and no one topped Obama; except maybe Clinton. Why don't you get off the "hate Trump" wagon, get real and respect the President of the United States.  I'm a World War II combat vet, love this country and respect the flag, the President and gave one like you a chance to vet your opinion. 



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