In a letter to the editor on August 11 ("Why Americans no longer trust the media"), Keith Johnson addresses his concern that the "liberal press" labeled the president as racist because he called out several representatives for comments they made in which he believes were "against America." The president was not criticized for "calling out" the representatives, but for telling them to "go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came." Has he ever said such a thing to a white male, and would he? This is why many considered his comment racist.

It is important that facts are not manipulated to influence opinion. Many, if not all, media outlets attempt to influence public opinion, and do so as much by what they don't say, as by what they do. Although it seems that reporting facts could be argued to be unbiased, it is not, when only part of the story or facts are told. This is a problem with all media outlets, no matter which side of the political aisle they appear to favor. I too am concerned that most media outlets did not address or report what the offending elected officials, to which the President was responding, actually said. Influence by omission is a manipulation used by the press as a way to further their specific agenda, whether theirs is a conservative or liberal ideology. We as consumers of news and information must maintain diligent awareness of our responsibility to seek truth from multiple media outlets in order to curtail their attempt to influence our opinions. Obtaining news and information from only one source, will impact even the most objective and non-biased consumer.



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