I must comment on Melinda Setzer's letter to the editor on September 17 ("Thanks for the median signs"). She is thanking the city for the median signs asking people not to stand or sit on the median.

I agree that these signs are a great idea. My comment is on her asking people to support organizations that help "those who want to be helped. These people do not. They want a free hand out."

Maybe "these people" that Ms. Setzer references don't want to be helped. I have been volunteering at the RAM House for many years - another good organization that helps those in need. My experience there is that the vast majority of the homeless who come there do, indeed, want help - and are very thankful for the meal and the help they receive there. As with any generalization, saying "they want a free hand out," is an incomplete assessment, is unkind and is often untrue.



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