There is no such thing as a free education, or a free lunch or free Social Security. Everybody’s pay stub has that unavoidable Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax deduction on it. That’s to pay for our “Social Security.”

Here’s news for the Democrat legions that support “free education” for the masses. The government can’t give away what it does not first take away. Here’s a way to take it away. A revolutionary new tax, the Federal Resuction for the Educated and Academicians Contributions Act National, (FREACAN), (pronounced freakin), tax to pay for the “Students Higher Education Entitlement Program”, (SHEEP). There would be a percentage applied for each semester attended regardless of degree achieved. Academicians would be subject to a 50% surcharge, and for those tenured, a 75% surcharge.

The FREACAN tax would begin the first day attended and continue until death. This is an attempt to achieve fairness with those citizens who paid for their children’s higher education out of their lifetime retirement savings.

The FREACAN tax would not apply to those who paid for their own education.

Parents who pay for their children’s higher education would be exempt from the FREACAN tax and would receive a discount on their FICA tax.

This concept could become law by writing a 307,779 page tax code employing some of the FREACAN SHEEP creants. It could also serve as an extension on the IRS stairway to the moon and beyond.

What do you think? Is this grail for the Democrats Platform? Do you think it could get past the Program Analysis of Non-sensical Devotees Excessive Ridiculousness, (PANDER) staff? Well, -- do you?

Heck, it makes as much sense as the Democrat candidates carnival hawking. None.



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