Reading the article about Green Pastures/Longdale Recreation area (“Saving Green Pastures,” June 23) brought back fond memories of 10 summers spent there with Cub Scouts at day camp. During the last week of June from 2005-2014 for four days the area was full of happy boys and their leaders. At its peak there were 91 boys in attendance.

It was a perfect location with both the main shelter and large field for group activities and individual picnic areas for small groups to gather. At one point, because of our large numbers, we even expanded up beyond the second parking lot, which was difficult because that area was already in severe disrepair.

Each year we were faced with fewer resources at the area. We ended up bringing in our own water and renting portable toilets, but we loved the camp and it was worth the extra work. Also each year as we drove into the camp we would comment on how we were sure that the concrete bridge looked lower than the year before.

The forest service was great to work with and even provided educational programs for the boys. How sad I was the day when the inevitable call came saying that Longdale would no longer be available for our use. While I am no longer involved with the Cub camp, my memories of those days are something that I will always cherish. My husband Richard who also volunteered each year with Cub camp agrees, and finds the deterioration of Longdale tragic.



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