In response to “Country is in good hands with Trump” (June 17 letter) is so far from sensible.

I don't think Charles Ruvolis looked at the real reasons for the Electoral College, he states, “screwed up Democrats will be elected.” If he had looked it up, he would have learned that it was created for this sole purpose. “The first reason that the founders created the Electoral College is hard to understand today. ...were afraid of direct election...they feared a tyrant could manipulate public opinion and come to power.” i.e. - Russian interference.

Considering that happened while instituting the Electoral vote and failed allowing a tyrant was put into office.

It does need to go. There is so much wrong with not allowing ONE PERSON ONE VOTE to decide who is wanted by the public in office.

If he read a bit more he would learn, “Hamilton and the other founders believed that the electors would be able to ensure that only a qualified person becomes President. They thought that with the Electoral College no one would be able to manipulate the citizenry. It would act as a check on an electorate that might be duped. Hamilton and the other founders did not trust the population to make the right choice. The founders also believed that the Electoral College had the advantage of being a group that met only once and thus could not be manipulated over time by foreign governments or others.”


That can be easily explained as this was created in 1787 and at this point in time, it is outdated, antiquated and should be obsolete.

A citizen's vote should not be discounted because of where they live, while at the same time, it should not be given more strength for that same reason.

He says, “uneducated people and the Walmart people would never have a say.” He makes a comment that puts down people in different walks of life, Trump does everyday on Twitter. He won by stealing my vote!



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