With all the highly educated people in this country they seem to have no common sense.

Most public buildings and places such as the Higher Education Center that have banned guns, even concealed carry. What do they think that will solve? Look at the great tragedy that took place in Virginia Beach, for some reason the disturbed person needlessly took people's lives but there was no one to stop him because of the rule of no guns. Most of these group killings happen where there is a no gun policy so the only way they can be stopped is with a gun (police).

The first thing we hear after a mass shooting is we need to ban guns, like it was these mechanical devices that killed people and not the person using them. These same highly educated people think that this will solve the problem.

Let's list some things that if we banned them it would solve the problem:

1 Drugs that kill people - ban all drugs that kill, even those that if used correctly we need.

2 Automobiles - ban all types of automobiles because it is the automobile's fault that people everyday are killed and maimed.

3 Knives - ban all knives because the problem is the knife and not the person using them.

4 Guns - ban all guns because it is the gun's fault and not the person using them.

Our great Governor is to appoint a group of highly educated people that will solve this problem, really and he will not use any of us uneducated dumb commoners.

Drugs have been banned but they are still widely available to those who want them, if guns are banned they will still be available to those who want them mainly criminals. Anyone with half a brain and some common sense knows banning a mechanical device (gun) or an automobile will not solve the problem.

From now on I will not go into any public building for my own safety that has a gun ban for all that does is tell the shooter that there will be no one to stop them from killing many people before help (police) arrives.



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