In response to the article in The Roanoke Times on June 4, "Roanoke council to study city's gun violence," thank you for your efforts.

It will take all of us to try to stop the violence. Let us begin by establishing a definition of "community violence." Violence can be triggered at anytime in anyone. It may start locally from a past or current verbal assault. Social media is somewhat to blame because of hateful comments posted inflaming emotions. Violence can erupt any time and any place; in grocery stores, walking in your neighborhood, driving your car (road rage), even a childish prank of "keying a car", or accidentally having a rock thrown through a window. Where is the root?

We are constantly living in fear; the places where we often frequent and felt safe now make us nervous and cautious. We begin to watch people and start mentally labeling them from fear.

City leaders continue your efforts. Think of putting mottoes like mine on pencils, paper lapels, graphic headings on your internal tax bills. I want my grandchildren to grow up, play and feel safe in Roanoke. Surely our negative comments overheard by young people about Roanoke distorts their hometown image. City leaders you started this, you want this, and we all know that outreach programs will cost. SO APPROPRIATE THE FUNDS to begin a campaign.



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