The National RIFLE Association was formed by and for hunters with no interest in or endorsement of military weapons. One of Mr Trump's worst crimes is saying he will stop the senseless murders of innocent children and adults at churches, schools, and social gatherings when he still supports machine guns, etc. I have owned a .22 caliber rifle for 72 years for hunting small game and a .s0 gauge shotgun for 45 years for hunting pheasants, turkeys, and deer. But why would I ever need a machine gun, automatic rifle, silencer, bump stock, grenades or grenade launcher, or even a pistol?

How can a paramilitary group be permitted to collect tanks, jeeps, helicopters, transport vehicles, etc? Isn't that a direct threat to democracy (Oklahoma City)? How can their existence be legal? State governments have constitutional authority under the Second Amendment and should make paramilitary groups illegal (they already have the National Guard Unit).

Although Australia and New Zealand were created for cast-off prisoners of England, those countries have legislators wise enough to have strict gun laws. An unexpected benefit has been a significant decrease in suicides and intra-family murders.

Legislators and the Supreme Court need to severely limit gun ownership, as in Australia. Preserve the Second Amendment, but limit ownership to RIFLES. Local, volunteer "turn-in" days can be made available at little cost. I do not have ammunition for my shotgun anyway. If it is decided to require all guns be turned in to authorities, so be it. If one rifle can be retained per family after full registration and background check, that would allow game hunting and killing of animals with rabies or other encephalitis or major farm injury.

How can we (and you) not insist on severe gun controls? Forget corrupting contributions. Do the right thing right away! Thank you for your time and consideration.



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