Dear United States Senators, please, please, please use all your persuasive powers, all your political skills, all your personal charisma to change the hearts and minds of your fellow Senators who ignore the pleas of the majority of the American people who are BEGGING you for legislative banning of all automatic/assault/high capacity ammo weapons which are the scourge of our society.

When reelection is more important than the lives and souls of the American people, then these elected officials should be publicly shamed for their total disregard for the safety of us all. I don't want to hear about mental health, slippery slopes, or the Second Amendment. Evil exists, guns provide fantasy fulfillment and innocent people are being slaughtered. Slaughtered! NO ONE outside of the military needs access to these butchering machines. Loss of their availability denies no one the right to bear arms. Where are your brains, where is your humanity? DO SOMETHING!



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