Just read Ibraheem Samirah's diatribe against our president regarding Charlottesville ("Virginia can't negotiate with racists," August 15 commentary). For those who don't know, Charlottesville was advertised as a protest against the removal of Confederate statues. No one knew who organized it. Most were good people. That's why, when they had their one-year anniversary, only 10 or so showed up. Those were the bad ones. But it doesn't matter if they were all racists. 1A covers them too. They had a permit. They followed procedure. They followed the law.

All would have been fine had not a group of Socialist Democrats not broken the law, left the area their permit had designated they speak and marched on the group of "racists" in order to deprive them of their rights. Trump was wrong. Only one side was to blame. We have seen this play out time and time again. Whether it's the Democrat Brown Shirts known as ANTIFA, wearing masks and beating people in the streets, or Democrat politicians like Maxine Waters who called for confrontation, Democrat presidential candidate Cory Booker telling people to "get up in their face" or our own senator from Virginia, Tim Kaine, telling his followers to "take it to the streets." They're all the same. All whistling to the same dogs. All inciting violence and hate.

Democrats are violent and oppressive. They hustle race and pander hate to incite and divide for political gain. Ibraheem Samirah is just another hate monger with a chip on his shoulder reduced to childish stunts and inflammatory rhetoric. I wonder if he has any evidence of Russian collusion.



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