I am a concerned Democrat who thinks that the party's candidates are asking too much of the general public that just a few years ago voted for a far right candidate. President Trump made promises in his campaign to appeal to a wider range of voters and then didn't live up to those promises. What voters have since learned sheds a light on who he is and what he stands for. He started a trade war with China. He doesn't listen to his advisers regardless of their expertise. His environmental grade is an F. His diplomatic grade is an F. His relationship with the press and law enforcement is an F. He abandoned the Kurds who were our allies. Thousands lost their lives. There is enough evidence that the Russians interfered in our election and he openly wants Ukraine to do the same. Many Republicans still think he is a viable candidate and perhaps he is in some people's minds.

I am more a centrist and I don't like Sanders. He divided voters in the last election. I believe he wants to make changes the country is not ready for. I am not saying I don't want some of those changes. We need a President who can listen to sound advice and make our democracy stronger. We need someone with real experience. We need someone who has accomplished a record of getting things done.

President Trump has not been a good President. He was incapable from the start and he has proven that beyond a doubt to a lot of citizens.



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