Bedford County residents will soon have a chance to elect a new Sheriff and on June 11 will select the Republican nominee to run in November.

In considering candidates on June 11, look at the qualifications and experience of each – and you will likely conclude that the strongest of the field is David Wells. A few points to consider:

1) David Wells has over 30 years of experience: patrol, investigator, Clerk of Court for one of the largest Juvenile and Domestic courts in the state, and led special teams dealing with narcotics, undercover, homicide, investigations and white collar crime.

2) Of his 30+ years of experience, over 20 of those years were in leadership and management. David has the most experience in leading and managing law enforcement professionals. With over 80 employees, the Bedford County Sheriff’s office needs someone with experience in administration, budgeting, a financial background and the ability to best align resources. David has extensive and successful experience in each of these areas.

3) Formal higher education in law enforcement: David Wells’ education includes an undergrad degree from VCU in police planning/management and a master's from Va. Tech in public administration.

4) David Wells is a Bedford County native and resident, and son of a former Sheriff. But his primary experiences are outside of Bedford County which bring a fresh perspective from larger departments, and not simply represent a continuation of the present. David Wells is best suited to optimize BCSO’s resources to increase patrols, put more officers on the road, and deal head-on with the increasing gang and drug issues in Bedford County.

David Wells has law enforcement in his DNA. His father was Sheriff, David’s wife and children are all in law enforcement or U.S. Military, and David’s career and dedication to public service stands head and shoulders above the rest. We have several strong candidates, but if you look hard at what a growing Bedford County needs - David Wells is the clear choice for the Republican ticket, and the clear choice for our next Sheriff.



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