After disappointing his fans, with his last act, Bob Mueller gave Democrats a “curtain call” seeking a little love, and trying to refresh their impeachment dreams. But in the effort, he dealt another blow to American jurisprudence and “due process”, reminding us all just how politicized Obama’s DOJ and FBI had become.

Nothing Mueller said changed his final report of— “no evidence of Russian collusion, nor obstruction.” But his appearance raised real questions about ethics and fairness when a politicized Special Counsel is asked to investigate. From day one, Mr. Mueller was far from impartial, choosing only partisan Democrat lawyers for his investigation team. And in the end, after finding no evidence, his overreach in providing over 400 pages of innuendo and hearsay, hoping to help impeachment, was inexplicable!

And what bothers Progressives most? Even with a complicit media/press, even with constant fake news and lies, and even with a prolonged two year collusion hoax, President Trump is still in office presiding over the best economy and unemployment numbers in decades! His performance ratings continue trending up and most Americans make it clear they want no attempt to impeach.

And thanks to President Trump for a great history lesson on World War II. Democrat Socialist candidates for 2020 needed it, as they compared their climate change effort to that experienced during WW II. But Trump’s talk at the D-Day beaches had no fake news, as the old decorated veterans, many wounded and now in wheelchairs, will attest!

Unfortunately, these hate mongers and socialist crackpots, still talk about prison and impeaching our President. What a shame, and how ironic. These are the same perpetrators of the hoax, who now attack Attorney General Barr. They fear that Barr’s investigation of the origins of the hoax, will reveal that it was really a coup to remove our President, and it will be Democrats, not Republicans, going to prison.

Don’t like Trump, but he loves our country. Progressive socialists don’t! Nobody is perfect, but Trump keeps his promises. Do not buy into fake news about women’s rights, “infanticide” is nothing but abortion on steroids!



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