The Department of Environmental Quality's oversight of the pipeline was not lax. It systematically disregarded the evidence. The State Water Control Board was lied to by DEQ's chairman, David Paylor. We, the many people observing the damage and the blatant disregard for the standards the pipeline was required to follow, had sent many reports with hundreds of documenting photos showing flagrant violations with controls missing and mud running into streams.

In the February 3 Roanoke Times Roberta Kellam informed us that David Paylor was telling the Bboard that we were all lying. How dare he call us all liars? It was David Paylor's job to find out why we were sending these reports and to find out what MVP was doing. David Paylor paid no notice to any violation until MVP inundated Cahas Mountain Road with mud, involving the police whom he could not call liars.

His response was to praise MVP for cleaning up their mud so quickly. The citizens who sent in all the reports backed by photographs are not the liars here. In effect, David Paylor was colluding with MVP in the commission of crimes. Now that crimes are finally being investigated, construction must stop.

MVP has shown that they are totally incapable of doing what they are obligated to do. The photographs also show that they had little intention of following the law. At one point one of our citizens saw "REJECT" written on a pipe. If the crimes that we can see have been systematically ignored, how can we trust that all the pipe and the welding is safe, that they are more capable of building in karst than they are at preventing erosion, that this thing cannot pollute our water supplies and that it cannot blow the town of Newport off the map? Construction of the MVP must stop until all of this is sorted out.



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