Laurence Hammack’s coverage on the effects of Dominion’s Mountain Valley Pipeline does a great job of showing the negative effects of the pipeline while it is in its preliminary stages.

As heavy rains have increased because of climate change, materials from the beginning stages of the pipeline have been washed down river and into the lake. In less than a month, 12 mats were washed downstream while last year, pipeline was washed over 1,000 feet down the same river. If materials of this size and weight are able to be washed such a far distance, how can Dominion claim that sediment will not be washed away as well? Climate change will continue to increase causing more flooding and more materials to be washed into bodies of water where they do not belong. Not only does this cause a severe environmental problem but it is also a safety issue. If a boat were to hit the mats or pipeline in a lake or river it could be deadly.

Officials have never seen materials like this washed into the lake and the common denominator is the pipeline. Dominion is not taking care of their products or placement and their work will continue to have detrimental effects on the environment as well as people’s health and safety. Construction of the pipeline has not even fully begun and yet it is already causing severe damage. If it were to be passed, it would continue to damage farms, bodies of water and locals’ livelihoods.

Congress must block the construction of the pipeline before it becomes a manmade disaster.



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