Franklin County School Board members need to get their heads out of the stand and sand up and be leaders. As per the front-page story in this paper on Tuesday, Oct 22, they are afraid to ban the Confederate flag from display on students clothing, in a revision of the dress code. They are afraid of being sued. The school superintendent says that he would require documented evidence that the symbol has been disruptive.

Well, sir, you probably aren’t going to get that because African American student enrollment is so low in Franklin County. Those students will suffer in silence. But as the student representatives to the board themselves suggested, why don’t you take this to the students and lead, yes lead, a discussion?

Board member Penny Blue is right: The Confederate flag represents a time in the South’s history which does not merit flaunting in this century. I want so desperately for America to move past bigotry and hatred, that I find display of the Confederate flag truly offensive. I am also convinced that it is offensive to many who feel as I do, black and white. School Board, your job is to see to our children’s education. Please do that.



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