Even as winter halts construction, the Mountain Valley Pipeline disaster continues. It’s like a sleeping fire-breathing dragon that has torn its way across the landscape, terrorizing the inhabitants and ripping landowners lives apart. Even in slumber it remains incredibly dangerous. We must kill it before it reawakens.

This beast, born out of pure greed, should never have been conceived. Fundamentally flawed from the start, it’s been nurtured by FERC, the corrupt agency that stamps YES on every pipeline they review. This monster project was encouraged by myopic Virginia governors, politicians and civic leaders blinded by promises of bounty. Inexplicably, government agencies, established to protect our natural resources, ignored their own rules and assisted the birth of this destructive creature. Luckily, the justice system is forcing a reassessment of these erroneous decisions.

Much to their chagrin, the companies who perpetuated this disaster are now discovering that MVP is a colossal financial blunder. The market for methane gas is collapsing due to overproduction. Fracking enterprises are going bankrupt left and right. The stock prices for the companies behind MVP have crashed. Multiple other pipeline projects either beat MVP to market or are stalled. Intense growth in renewable energy is eliminating demand for gas.

Virginia has always had a plentiful gas supply. No families will go cold this winter for lack of gas. No industrial projects will be lost due to inadequate supplies. The thousands of jobs promised by MVP were an absolute lie.

Citizens are awakening to the climate emergency and realizing that we must wholeheartedly fight this beast. Dozens have been arrested for civil disobedience. Brave tree sitters stand steadfast blocking the pipeline route. It’s time we all stand up to stop this massive threat to our existence. As Greta Thunberg says, “You say you love your children above all else and yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes.”

We must save our children and kill this beast with a thousand daggers before it reawakens and inflicts irreparable harm. Join the fight. Contact the Sierra Club, POWHR.org or your local Preserve organization.



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