When I read the article regarding the future of the Valley Metro bus service ("Transit company contract expiring," Jan. 24 news story), I was surprised that the current compensation paid to First Transit to manage the service is $27,690 PER MONTH for a general manager and an assistant - $331,200 per year for two positions.

Here is perfect opportunity for the city council or city manager to sharpen their pencil and try to save the taxpayer money. As an employer myself, I think those two positions could be filled for less than half that amount. Maybe the city can save enough money to pave my street which hasn't been done since 1985; or Ross Lane which is a disgrace or the bottom banging dip on Campbell and 10th Street, but I digress.

It is unfortunate that Anita Price has "no opinion" on a service that serves some of the poorest and most transportation dependent citizens in our city. It is the council's obligation as public servant to note what the city needs and where; they more than anyone should be tuned in and not just take rubber stamp suggestions from a paid city manager who isn't from here and probably will take the next best offer and be long gone leaving us, the citizens, to deal with whatever glorious ideas and projects that may or may not have been for the greater good of the community.

It can't all be about tax revenue, which at best is poorly managed. With less than 15% of registered votes bothering to vote in local elections, we get the city and the council we deserve.



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