I encourage the residents of Windsor Hills to ask themselves the question, “What is the caliber of a person worth when advocating for me and the quality of my life here in my district?”

RoxAnne Christley’s credentials as a dedicated public servant and involved citizen are well-documented in her residency in the Windsor Hills District of Roanoke County. I believe Mrs. Christley’s passion, enthusiasm and dedication will provide Windsor Hills with a much-needed proactive voice to promote strong, positive, growth and economic development in our district. She recognizes the need for mentor/apprenticeship programs in our schools for our children to be ready for the workforce, community involvement to promote regionalism that will bring new choices and opportunity to our region, and the necessary support to bring equal response times for first responders on Bent Mountain.

Mrs. Christley has a very visible presence at many district events. She has personally met Windsor Hills residents, knocking at their doors since early March. This hands-on approach shows her desire to be in tune with the residents and aids in her ability to be an active advocate, one on one, for her constituents. The people of Windsor Hills feel like she really hears them.

I have supported her efforts in the past and will continue moving forward because she is knowledgeable about community issues, involved with the citizens of our community, and empowered to speak on our behalf. She conducts herself with a grace, integrity and dignity that should be an inspiration to us all and truly something we can count on in her service as our supervisor. Her tireless campaign efforts are greatly appreciated, as are the goals she has articulated for the county. RoxAnne’s dedication to professionalism and being a positive voice for Windsor Hills has won my support as well as the ever-expanding support among my neighbors who are looking for a true advocate concerned with their welfare and to be their voice with respect to the future growth of our community.

I wish RoxAnne the very best on June 11 and urge my Windsor Hills neighbors to cast their vote for RoxAnne Christley. She has my vote.



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