Here are some very important questions for the approximately 350 persons wearing badges saying “Guns Save Lives” at the Franklin County meeting as highlighted in the Nov. 20 issue of The Roanoke Times. The Second Amendment Sanctuary which these law-abiding citizens are advocating would mean that police would not enforce the state laws that “someone” would interpret as opposing Second Amendment rights. Can you all honestly say, “Yes,” to these seven questions?

Do you practice your gun-shooting skills a couple of times a week so you are truly proficient?

Are you never drunk?

Are you confident that you can stay calm in any difficult situation?

Do you keep your guns and ammunition so that no child or teen can ever have access to them?

Do you have no health or mental stress situation that might impair your judgment or skills?

Are you comfortable with killing a person rather than tackling them from behind, or are you able to make a decision as to which is best at the moment?

Would you protect me (innocent) even if I look Hispanic or African American?

Hopefully you’ve all answered positively to those. Then, please ask yourself if you know all your neighbors well enough so you can answer “yes” for them. The next time you are out driving, think: Are you really certain that you want that reckless or drunken driver you see to have the same rights in that moment as you want? I vote “yes” to your thoughtful consideration of all of these points and for you to make the right decision on what you choose to advocate! There are other options on doing your duty and protecting yourself and others around you.



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