As sheriff, I have made the fight against cyber-crimes -- especially crimes against children -- a major focus of my work for over 20 years. While it was predictable that predators would use the latest technology to exploit innocent and trusting victims, combating these criminals required new and innovative approaches to enforcing the law.

Delegate Kathy Byron has been steadfast in her efforts to make sure Virginia's laws keep up with the technology that predators use. Long before most people were aware of the crime of identity theft and the havoc it causes its victims, Kathy Byron was sponsoring successful legislation to protect individuals and strengthen criminal penalties for this crime.

In my work to ensure children are protected from internet predators, Kathy Byron has been a strong and reliable ally. She has championed and supported legislation that strengthened Virginia's laws against child predators who use the internet to use their victims.

Kathy Byron has been a strong and effective representative for the people of our region, and a fierce defender of those who need the protections the law and law enforcement provide. She deserves our support and our votes.




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