I have become increasingly disappointed to not find John Rosemond's column in your newspaper each Monday. I was hoping that it was just a temporary issue but fear that you have cancelled the column.

I found Mr. Rosemond's advice on child rearing to be a concise common sense approach to a very real societal problem. I have observed The Roanoke Times, over the past 28 years that I have been a subscriber, to be a liberal leaning publication. That is fine and I can live with that since it is the only newspaper available to me that I can subscribe to on a daily basis. I understand that Mr. Rosemond's column may be more conservative than is now acceptable to your editorial board.

Every Monday morning I would look for the column as a beacon of conservative thought on how we raise our children. I still think that is important. Please bring back John Rosemond's column. I realize that I may be in the minority with this request but certainly you should be able to find a little space for this column. You don't seem to have any trouble publishing the liberal ideas of Dan Casey. Just looking for a little balance on real life stuff. Thank you.



Editor's note: The Roanoke Times stopped carrying the John Rosemond column in November.

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