Voters in this area of Virginia will be electing a new commonwealth’s attorney on November 5. The Republican candidate for this office is Brian Holohan, and he’s eminently qualified for it; he’s been an experienced trial lawyer for over a decade, having successfully prosecuted hundreds of cases and also advocated for the rights of children. Please note the experience factor here, as it is in direct opposition to that of the Democrats’ candidate, James Steele. What’s wrong with that picture? Hmm, yeah, I think we all “get it.”

And if this isn’t enough to dis-earn your vote, consider this: The other BIG reason you shouldn’t vote for Mr. Steele is his apparent promise not to uphold the immigration laws of the United States! Yes, he would turn Southwest Virginia into a sanctuary city, and there’s no way conservative voters in this chunk of real estate will stand for that garbage!

I can’t make it any clearer: Vote Republican for Brian Holohan for commonwealth’s attorney on Nov. 5! (And while you’re at it, vote Republican all the way, thereby telling Terry McAuliffe to get lost!) Thank you.



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