The New River Valley Chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby thanks Blacksburg Town Council for supporting national action to address climate change. On November 12 by unanimous vote among those present, the Council passed a “Resolution Urging the United States Congress to Enact The Energy Innovation And Carbon Dividend Act or Similar Legislation.” The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA), a bipartisan bill co-sponsored by 73 members of the House of Representatives, would drive down America’s greenhouse gas emissions and encourage innovation by collecting a fee on fossil fuels and distributing this money to the American people.

By supporting the Resolution, Blacksburg Town Council extends its long record of climate action. The Town has implemented energy-saving, low-carbon policies in town departments and, working with Blacksburg citizens, created the Blacksburg Climate Action Plan.

Blacksburg joins more than 180 counties, towns and cities, which together are home to more than 35 million people, in supporting the carbon fee and dividend approach to climate action. We extend our thanks to Blacksburg Town Council!

Submitted on behalf of New River Valley Chapter, Citizens’ Climate Lobby



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