OK - so I'm writing this letter in the hope (slim as it may be) that you can help reduce my blood pressure, because during the summer/fall months, you certainly raise it with your unequal coverage of baseball.

The first thing I look at in the daily paper is the baseball scores. This sometimes takes a while, especially when there's a big Sports section of 10 pages when at least seven and a half those pages are devoted to football of one level or another. Another two pages go to golf, NASCAR, etc. - even overseas sports events - and maybe a scant half page is left for baseball. Even then, the print is so small a magnifying glass is needed!

Now, I know the Roanoke area is devoted to football - I'm not knocking that, and I wish their teams good luck - but here we are, up to playoffs and World Series games, and still the bare minimum of coverage for baseball when football season has barely started. Not only that, game scores from the day before are often missing because the game wasn't over by 10 p.m. I thought the deadline was midnight! And I distinctly remember from the not-too-distant past, when printing was delayed because the football scores weren't in yet!

I know Roanoke and even Virginia don't have a major league team, but not every reader is a Roanoke or Virginia native, and they would like to see how their home town team is doing.

So, Roanoke Times, on behalf of myself and other baseball fans - and for the sake of my blood pressure - how about equal coverage? PLEASE!