I've always thought I had a rudimentary understanding of the famous saying, "For every action, there is a reaction." There are times though, where our thinking goes off on a tangent. Do we realize that, absent this virus curse which hangs over us, we, in all probability, would never have heard, or seen, the great blind Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli singing the hymn, "Amazing Grace" in front of the Milan Cathedral of Italy. Completely unaccompanied by another voice or an instrument.

If that did not, at the least, cause one to choke (or actually shed tears) one should be concerned about his mental health.

I realize that a magnificent aria cannot overcome suffering and death; however, there is a reason that religious persons (and others) believe in "lighting one candle in the dark." The candle will not extinguish the darkness, but the darkness can become bearable by hope, belief, trust, goodness.

Thank you for that candle, Mr. Bocelli.



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