There used to be one country that was an inspirational example to the rest of the world.

A statue in a harbor symbolized what the country stood for: it welcomed desperate people seeking a safe place to raise their children.

The country was the standard aspired to by people all around the world. If their homeland would not improve, they could escape to the beacon of hope.

The world has lost that safe place. There is no shining light of liberty to give people hope and to be an example for other countries to emulate.

This is a tragedy of epic historic proportions.

At this dangerous time when the world faces destabilizing crises like the effects of climate change and trade wars, it desperately needs strong, rational leadership. But that indispensable leadership has been squandered.

Trump has committed crimes in America as clearly outlined by the Mueller Report.

But his worst crime is robbing the world of America's ideals of hope, empathy, sanctuary and building a safe future in freedom and prosperity. America is no longer an example of hope and a partner for peace and progress.

Trump should be tried for crimes against humanity and crimes against nature. He should be removed from office and isolated in prison for the sake of the entire world.



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