Your June 11 editorial, “20 years for tree-sitters?,” belittles tree-sitters’ form of protest as “colorful,” and their actions as “ultimately futile.” And yet, the actions of those tree-sitters are the only actions that are working!

The Mountain Valley Pipeline was supposed to be finished by 2017, yet thanks to the tree-sitters (day 280 at Yellow Finch), there are trees along the condemnation path, in the national forest and on private land, that are still standing, and the pipeline is far from finished. Numerous sediment control violations, aerial bombardment and contamination of organic farms, “incidental taking” of endangered fish, birds, and bats, and permanent harm to our recreational tourism has done nothing to inspire our DEQ or attorney general to enforce the law.

Sixteen-year-old climate school striker Greta Thunberg’s call to action amid our carbon-fueled mass extinction, in which 200 species a day are dying off, says, “There are no gray areas when it comes to survival.” If you awoke in a burning bedroom, would you call 911? Or would you set fire to your children’s bedrooms and go back to sleep? The tree-sitters are fully awake, and they are putting their lives on the line to wake us up, too.



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