When selecting a new sheriff, the person responsible to provide leadership and direction for the men and women who will provide law enforcement services to our community, experience must be one of the primary aspects used to make a valid decision.

Mike Miller has over 34 years of experience that no other candidate can compare with. He has overseen some of the largest investigations that the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office has undertaken in the last decade. He has overseen cases like the Jocelyn Earnest homicide, the Sean Placko homicide, the Raymond Wood homicide (MS13) and the Lyons Sisters investigation, as well as numerous searches for lost individuals and many other complex cases. No other candidate can claim such an extensive level of experience.

Does it make sense to trust our safety and security in the high-stakes world of law enforcement to anyone who does not have the experience required of this position? I urge you to do what is best for this county and vote for Mike Miller for Sheriff – he is the only man for the job!



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