The June 18 paper held two articles which spell trouble for America. The first was an item saying that Trump's pollsters had reported to him earlier this year that things might not look too good in his bid for reelection. His reaction? True to his narcissistic character he is reported to have gone into a rage and condemned their report as “Fake News”. He then fired the bearers of bad news and appointed new pollsters (presumably ones that will give him the report that he wants to hear).

Why is this bad news for America? Because if Trump feels threatened for his reelection he will do anything which he feels will give him the victory next November. Narcissists can't bear to lose! I'm sure he and his advisors are aware that voters are very reluctant to “change horses in the middle of the stream” (or a war). It worked for George Bush and others. It gives him the old “we have to rally 'round and pull together to defend America” motivation.

It has been pretty obvious that Trump has been goading Iran for some time now. He pulled the U.S. out of the 2015 nuclear agreement with them, assuring our allies at the time that his withdrawal “made the world a safer place.” Monday Iran announced that it would soon start to enrich uranium again, which the U.S. administration immediately condemned as breaking the agreement which Trump had derided as “the worst deal in history!”

If the preelection news continues to look negative for Trump he will probably force Iran to take the first belligerent step, which will give him the old schoolyard bully's excuse for retaliating: “He started it!”

Does he have any brave and sensible advisers? Or does he fire them all?

Where are the sensible Republicans?



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